Magnolia (various types)

The magnolia or beaver tree bears the largest flowers of all shrubs that bloom in our climate. There are several varieties with different colored flowers, some grow to the size of a tree while others remain small. The magnolia is maintenance-friendly and requires little care, pruning is not necessary. The magnolia is best placed in a sheltered place so that it is protected from cold wind.

We grow the Magnolia in the following sizes:

  • C3 60/80
  • C4 60/80
  • Magnolia in srt. – C3 2/3 tak

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Tree Nursery van Nunen specializes in growing large numbers of conifers in the open ground. The company works with great enthusiasm and knowledge on the cultivation, sale and delivery of high-quality hedge plants. All products are grown with care to guarantee a good quality plant with a good root ball. It starts with the production of the rooted cutting in our own greenhouses. These cuttings are put on the field after a year, after which they are cared for until the desired size is obtained. The nursery has modern machinery for this entire process.

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